Who We Are

Music City Love on a Leash therapy pets are all privately owned and visit facilities on a regular basis. All Music City Love on a Leash members are volunteers in Davidson and surrounding counties, working to increase public awareness of pet provided therapy in Nashville TN.


Handler: Amy Sloan | Volunteer Chapter Leader
ucsigmachi@aol.com | 216-496-8079

Amy works tirelessly to schedule group visits, organize volunteer training, provide information and support for Music City Love on a Leash. Her dedication to pet therapy has impacted countless lives throughout middle Tennessee, while awarding our chapter a special place in LOAL history.

Handler:  Sarah Cochran | Volunteer: Riley
sac112ldac@aol.com | 615-498-3730​

Riley is a Brussels Griffon and is one of our original members. She knows just what to do to make people smile.​​​

Marley.jpgHandler:  Kathy Simms | Volunteer: Marley
simmskat@msn.com​ | 615-854-6050

Marley is a 200lb Great Dane, but he is one of the most gentle and loving dogs you will ever meet. He may be big boned, but he’s even bigger hearted…and he loves Girl Scout cookies so watch out!

Comet.jpgHandler:  Glenn Kindred​​ | Volunteer: Comet
​k9jmpers@gmail.com | 615-454-0514

​​Comet is a gentle Border Collie who thrives with seniors. Comet snuggles, comforts, and hugs everyone he meets.He is a winning agility dog and has earned his Advanced therapy patch.

Gracie.jpgHandler:  Diana Kindred | Volunteer: Gracie
colliedreams@gmail.com | ​970-560-1035

​Gracie is a young Border Collie who loves bringing smiles and laughs to everyone she visits. She adores children and is quite skilled at agility. Gracie has earned her Excellent therapy patch.

Mannie-George.jpgHandler:  Jo Johnson​​ | Volunteers: Mannie and George
jo_johnson888@hotmail.com | 615-268-7106

​Jo is certified with both Mannie, the Australian Shepard, and George the Bulldog. Mannie knows an array of tricks, is R.E.A.D. (reading education assistance dog) certified, and has her Advanced therapy patch. George is the attention getter with his vivacious personality.​​​

Josie.jpgHandler:  Debbie Locke​ | Volunteer: Josie
​​1surfinmermaid@gmail.com | 615-289-5871

​Josie is our beautiful Boxer.  Josie is usually dressed to impress with pretty pick toenails.

Bentley.jpgHandler:  Vicki Bridgeman | Volunteer: Bentley
vjrepper@aol.com  | 561-315-9328

​Bentley is our loving Shorkie (mix between Shih Tzu and Yorkie).  We call Bentley the “ice breaker” because he can put a smile on anyone’s face.

Zoey.jpgHandler:  Tonya Malzone | Volunteer: Zoey
tonyamalzone@gmail.com | 615-974-2757

​Zoey is a Havenese and as you can see cute as can be!  She makes people happy with her sweet loving personality.

Axel.jpgHandler:  Jodi Weatherford | Volunteer: Axel
jodiweatherford@gmail.com | 615-788-3445

​Axel is a Border Collie with a fun loving active personality.  His agility skills are amazing!


Handler: Catherine Masters | Volunteer: Glitter
catherineymasters@gmail.com | 818-984-9484

Glitter is a certified farm dog who left her show career to stay at home and herd toddlers! She’s a sweet and smart Smooth Collie who loves volunteering with children and the elderly alike.

Catherine is our resident Control Evaluator, certified by AKC for Canine Good Citizen and Trick Dog testing.

Passion.jpgHandler: Judy Hackett​ | Volunteer: Passion
dance-n-dogs@comcast.net | 615-376-2233

Passion is a Border Collie who is very outgoing.  She loves to visit children and adults. Her skills go beyond therapy into dog sports such as obedience, conformation, agility and herding. She is a very proud to be a member of Love On A Leash.

Ernie.jpgHandler: Roxanne Ullyot | Volunteer: Ernie
roxullyot@yahoo.com | 760-415-8565

Ernie is a sweet Golden Doodle who was rescued from Mexico.  His handler splits her volunteer time between Nashville and San Diego, so we are very lucky to have them!  Curious and eager to meet anyone, you just can’t help smiling during a visit.

Connelly.jpgHandler: Rebecca Cornelius | Volunteer: Connelly
cornelius.rebecca@gmail.com | 615-415-2520

Connelly is our one and only feline volunteer!  He is a Domestic Short Hair and one year old.  Everyone enjoys watching him walk the hallways on a leash leaning against the walls.  He is also quite the talker and loves to snuggle in a warm lap.

Tucker.jpgHandler: Donna Pullen | Volunteer: Tucker

Tucker is a 6 pound, 3 year old Papillon who came from California. he was active with LOAL there and participated in two reading programs along with other visits.  He likes  playing ball, running, going for walks, and snuggling.

Rowan.jpgHandler: Kitty Penetcost | Volunteer: Rowan
roadsidehouse@bellsouth.net |615-448-7310

Rowan is a young Border Collie. When not doing therapy visits, he enjoys sheep herding, rally, obedience and agility.  He loves other dogs, kids, and adults.

Retha.jpgHandler: Alice Emberton-Feazell | Volunteer: Retha
nashvillemobilevet@gmail.com | 615-973-9733

Retha is a 6 year old Poochon (poodle/bichon mix) with a sincere love of people. She loves to be held and cuddled, or will sit on laps and give kisses.

BluHandler: Leslie Reynolds | Volunteer: Blu
reynoldsleslie17@gmail.com |321-302-8007

Blu is a gentle, sensitive gal who was born in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She thinks shes small, loves to sit on you and talk.  She loves people and will be your best friend if you have food…especially bananas!

TallonHandler: Kayla Eastman​ | Volunteer: Tallon
kayla.eastman15@gmail.com | 317-670-9442

Tallon is an Aussie mix who began volunteering at a young age. Always sporting his signature bow tie, he loves sharing kisses and snuggles with young and old alike and visits a wide array of facilities. Future goal is a R.E.A.D. certification.

GemHandler: Debbie Rankin | Volunteer: Gem
dsrankinreyes@gmail.com | 615-516-5343

Gem is a very gentle and loving Golden Retriever.  Her big brown eyes will melt your heart in an instant. She enjoys playing in water and running around with tennis balls in the yard.